Tuesday, June 23, 2009

second time around

It's good to be back, training for my second marathon--the ING NYC marathon, on November 1. Well, sorta. Let me explain.

The Great Part:
*Seeing teammates from Rome at practice, like my buddy Van, and Coach Ramon.
*Getting excited to accomplish something big again.
*The familiarity of running in the park, and even the training sessions.
*Telling people I'm running a marathon (never, ever gets old).
*Looking forward to the Saturday afternoon long-run high.
*Running in warmer weather than I'm used to.
*Getting to eat anything and everything again.

The Scary Part:
*Realizing four miles feels more difficult than the last 20-miler before Rome.
*Feeling the familiar itch to skip practice, and finding myself actually skipping--eek!
*Worrying the training sessions will feel too familiar, lack newness.
*Telling people I'm running NYC and knowing they will be watching.
*Giving up summertime Friday night happy hours with friends.
*Running in the dead heat of summer.
*Worrying that my body's some how acclimated and slowed down my metabolism.

Yes, I have doubts, but like I learned the last time around, running a marathon is about seeing the positive. I can't wait to slow jog through all five boroughs, slapping friend's and stranger's hands, hearing "go Meg," feeling the strange/amazing yin/yang of the runner's high and sheer exhaustion, and of course, crossing the finish line and the after-party that awaits.

Think it's too early to book the back room at the Parlour (86th and Broadway!) See you all there!

xoxo, Meg

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  1. I'm glad to have found your blog, as I may be the 2nd most unlikely marathoner. Well, some day. I am working my way up to half-marathon this fall. It was really interesting to read about your marathon in Italy, and I hope the NYC marathon goes just as well!