Sunday, January 11, 2009

best parts of the park

On my nine-mile run this afternoon, I cycled through all my favorite mind tricks, and they were working fine--up until mile 6. I was coming over the last hill near 84th, where I usually complete the full loop, and realized this might be my favorite part of the park. There is a nice steady decline coming from the resevoir to the 81st street entrance, and then just over the hill comes the satisfying completion mark. There's nothing better than that feeling and combined with a hill allowing you to run a little faster, it's pure bliss.

Other favorites include:

The downward hill at 110th Street and the East Side. I just love coming around the bend, seeing the pool/ice rink with kids playing and then coasting down along on the windiest, quietest stretch of the six-miler.

The flat stretch hugging the resevoir on the East Side. It's just long, straight, and I find myself able to zone out a little easier here.

The downward hill on 105th Street on the West Side. No surprise here. After the park's longest, slowest upward incline, this downward slope is one long self-congratulatory adrenaline rush.

The Hill at 75th on the East Side. What? One of the park's most difficult parts? I think it's because it was the first time I was able to run up this hill without stopping that made me think I could take on a marathon. Every time I conquer it, it's a mini success that reminds me anything's possible.

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  1. I agree Meg...these are my favorite parts of the park too! But let's not forget the resevoir incredibly beautiful after the sun has set and the city lights are suddenly visible all around you. Its one of my favorite parts of the city on the whole...