Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my new crushes

Move over Don Draper.

One of the less consequential but interesting side effects of running makes you seek out like-minded souls similarly pushing themselves beyond their limits. Thus my new obsession with the men of Discovery Channel.

Again, I'm jumping in mid second or third season as usual, but right now I'm obsessed with Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild and Les Stroud from Survivorman.

I don't know why but seeing these men make lean-tos out of camel carcusses (carcussai?) or scale glacial ice walls chimney-style (yes, I've picked up a whole new vocab), makes Anthony Bourdain (my last crush) just seem fey in comparison.

Yes, they're hot (well, Bear more than Les), and have sexy accents (again, Bear more than Les) but I think I just admire their ability to not freak out in the face of adversity, (as I've been doing that pretty much every long-run Saturday). Bear seems to take a few quick puffs of air in and out before doing something really scary like jumping into a Yukon river buck naked so wet clothes won't turn him hypothermic. Les, I think, calms his nerves by imaging the camera is actually a person.

Okay, I'll always be partial to whiskey-swilling '60s advertising execs, but these days something about a man enthusiastically tucking into fresh goat testes is just plain sexy.

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