Sunday, December 21, 2008

good enough

I did it.

I just ran 7 miles (the loop plus a little extra).

I feel good, but still can't shake the feeling that I should have done it yesterday. Even though I ran the reverse direction (toward Harlem) which is mostly uphill, and it was raining what amounts to slush, and my feet felt like soggy boxes of frozen peas (is that a feeling?), and it still counts as the longest run I've ever done, I feel guilty.

It should have been easier by now. If I'd done it yesterday I would have had more fun, less sleet. Just because I can do seven miles without collapsing, it still took me an hour and a half, and at that rate I'll be finishing the marathon in six hours.

Okay, I realize all these thoughts are crazy. I still did it. And that's good enough.

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