Saturday, August 29, 2009

ups and downs

Okay, so I wish I had some good news.

Like, for example, training to run my second marathon is miraculously easier than the first. It's like I'm this Olympic marathon runner. And every long run feels like running through a field of wheat in the sun on a mild summer day.

Well, yeah, actually it's the exact opposite.

The past few long runs have been pretty hellish. To be exact, the past three long runs (11, 12, 13) have felt like torture. Each one, worse than the previous one. Yes, I've completed them, but like the Bronx run, it's been tough. Not a magic run by any means. The kind of run where you start already wondering when it's going to end, and the subsequent next few hours are an exercise in patience, mental toughness, and sheer will power.

I'd heard runs were like this--the kind where it's all about pain, not pleasure. And I'd experienced a few. But not for the most part. So this time feels a little scary. And the fact that today I was supposed to run 14, and I didn't thanks to hurricane Danny, makes me worry a bit about my overall commitment this time. Will I catch up? Will I have a bad second marathon?

I guess these feelings of doubt are normal, but as an unlikeliest marathoner, I guess it's not necessarily a given each time. Could it have been a fluke?

Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

xoxo, Meg


  1. From my perspective the feelings are normal. Try something new during your runs - Galloway recommends 8 - 10 minutes of running followed by 1 - 2 minutes of walking (stretch carefully, grab a drink, relax and enjoy the views around you). All of this should put a smile on your face and take the "seriousness" out of the run.

    Remember "Why you are doing this" - To Raise money/awareness, to feel/look good....Share your thoughts with your silent followers, read a new book/blog, how do you feel about your previous marathon....

    You are better prepared this time.

    Take care,

    Dan from Colorado

  2. Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I am honestly so touched. I was away on vacation (which I'll post about), and am very sorry to just be commenting back now. I think there is something special magic that reflecting on each run does for me, and I can see how lagging behind in posts really does affect my overall outlook on running. Thanks for following Dan!