Sunday, February 8, 2009

bronx bombing


Okay, it's more than just eh.

After a few great weeks of runs feeling fun, easy and progressing upward in mileage, this morning's half marathon in the Bronx was not good. The kind of bad run that starts iffy, gets a little better, but then at the half-way point, you're realizing you're not going to make your fastest time, and you might even half to walk you're in so much pain. And you're so far behind the main group, it's just you, the frat guys who way overshot their fitness levels, the grandmas, and the guys in funny costumes. And then something new happened (I hesitate to even admit this for fear of jinxing myself), but my knee started to hurt in that funky way you definitely do not want it to. I was supposed to complete 15 miles today, my longest so far, but even making it to the finish was pretty rough, so I just kept it at the 13.1.

And after feeling so much love from my friends and family this week, words of support, people telling them that I inspire them, this morning's run wasn't just physically painful, but it made me feel like a phony.

I should probably not do these post-mortems while I a) haven't even eaten yet after the race and b) my brain is still a little mushy and not thinking logically, but I have to get it out there.

I'll be back in a few to go through all the reasons why this could have happened this week.

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