Saturday, February 14, 2009

a prayer to the running gods

Are you there God? It's me, Meghann.

I know I haven't been in touch for a little while--I'm so sorry about that and I promise to be better about it, but I think you know what I've been up to these days.

And yes, I'm about to hit you up for a few things. I know, I know. Everyone does that. Why don't they thank you once and a while too? Well, first of all, thank you very, very much for sending me that Team in Training brochure, making me check off Rome, sending me amazing friends to help me raise the money, legs that don't seem to be giving out on me yet, and that sale at Running World last week--that was awesome, thank you.

Okay, now for the asks.

Goos. I love them, and thank you for making the chemical plants that somehow make slimy liquid taste like espresso, that is wonderful. (You should probably close down all other chemical plants making things that are bad for us--just keep the espresso-goo-making ones open until March 22.) But, can I ask that you make ones that taste like cookies or cupcakes or brownies or what about pizza-flavored Combos? Just keep mixing it up. Thanks.

My legs. I'd LOVE it if you could keep the left one in good working order until March 22. That locking/seizing feeling in my knee is no good. I'll do my part by keeping up the lunges and squats, but Lord--and by Lord, I mean you--Lord knows how much I hate them. So, actually, what I'm asking is for you to create a new form of leg exercise that gives you the results of lunges and squats but feels like your head softly hitting the pillow...

Saved By the Bell. Can you somehow finagle the crew to reverse in age, go back to their high school, and pump out new episodes. I'm really enjoying watching it at the gym while I do my treadmill runs on Thursday mornings. This one might be tough, but really, what are Tiffani Amber and Marc Paul doing anyway--Mario Lopez might be the only hold out. Can you do this with the Golden Girls, too--those ladies are so funny. That cheesecake bit will never get old.

Fundraising ideas. I am doing great with it, but it's coming down to wire and I don't think I can ask my friends to do any more drinking for me. It just feels so wrong to turn them into a bunch of alcoholics (especially my pregnant friends.) Pizza, pasta, come on, let's brainstorm...throw out any ideas, don't worry if they're bad.

Popular Music. Okay, "All the Single Ladies" was inspired, and Britney's comeback--beautiful, but please, please can you get our favorite popstars to raise the bass up a notch? It's like, what happened to '90s-style Ace of Bass, TLC, House of Pain, anything hip-hoppy that can serve as my new anthem. I don't care if it turns my brains to soup it's so manufactured--I just need something that will get me past mile 15. Is that so much to ask?

I know the universe appreciates grattitude, so thank you for taking care of all this in advance.

xoxo, Meg

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